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Shades of Pink
LF22-10       $19.99 Shades of Pink
Rose & Card Special
RP55-01       $19.99 Rose & Card Special
Burst of Autumn
TG99-02       $29.95 Burst of Autumn
12 Mixed Long Stem Roses
LF11-55       $29.99 12 Mixed Long Stem Roses
Enchanted Cottage
LF100-11       $34.99 Enchanted Cottage
Beautiful in Blue
LF100-20       $39.95 Beautiful in Blue
Golden Days Basket
LF99-36       $39.95 Golden Days Basket
Chocolate & Cookie Lover
LF75-31       $39.99 Chocolate & Cookie Lover
Peaceful White Lilies
LF100-72       $49.95 Peaceful White Lilies
12 Long Stemmed Red Roses
LF11-56       $49.99 12 Long Stemmed Red Roses
Blue Ribbon
LF71-60       $54.99 Blue Ribbon
10 Stunning Calla Lilies
LF113-70       $69.99 10 Stunning Calla Lilies
Designer Sympathy Collection I
DCS-01       $25.00 Designer Sympathy Collection I
Designers Collection I
DC112-01       $25.00 Designers Collection I
Anniversary Designer Collection I
DCA-01       $25.00 Anniversary Designer Collection I
Birthday Designer Collection I
DCB-01       $25.00 Birthday Designer Collection I

Gourmet Collection I
GC-01       $25.00 Gourmet Collection I
Gourmet Collection II
GC-02       $50.00 Gourmet Collection II
Gourmet Collection III
GC-03       $75.00 Gourmet Collection III
Gourmet Collection IV
GC-04       $100.00 Gourmet Collection IV