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Zulfikar Hirji

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Zulfikar Hirji - York University - Assistant Professor - Department of Anthropology is also the Page Administrator of The Largest Scam in Canada: Bloomex, a platform that the assistant professor is using to extort money from Bloomex.


In an effort to "protect" its brand Bloomex has gone to great lengths to have the site removed without success - we absolutely refuse to be BLACKMAILED. To that end we have decided to expose the good assistant professor for what he really is - an EXTORSIONIST. Detailed below is a copy of our internal order history and copies of email correspondence between Zulfikar Hirji (York University - Assistant Professor) and Dimitri Lokhonia (President and owner of Bloomex) where Zulfikar Hirji attaches a "price" to his demands. He is no longer just looking for a refund on the cake he claims was never delivered - he now wants $5,000 - actually make that $7,500 (see email string below).

The genesis of Zulfikar Hirji's hatred is a disputed "cake" delivery placed April 25, 2014

Here are the internal notes in regard to said order:

2014-05-12 19:26:40 Open Investigation [email protected] was it sent out, cust claims non-delivery//e-mail//Alice OVS
2014-05-13 12:17:17 Open Investigation [email protected] cust is super 1113, pls advise the status of delivery/J ovs
2014-05-14 23:53:03 Investigation [email protected] was del by driver on may 12th
2014-05-15 09:29:25 Delivered [email protected] Dear Zukfikar, As per our production and courier your order was delivered on May 12th 2014. Bloomex Management mbb
2014-05-15 11:52:49 Investigation [email protected] Customer is a 1113. Is threatening me saying that if he does not get a call back that he will show up here. i had to hang up on him as he started yelling at me,. he would not state me the names on the file. he would like a FULL REFUND. as he says that it has not been delivered. CG
2014-05-15 11:54:39 Investigation operator15 Customer claims that product was never delivered at all, and requests refund.
2014-05-15 12:38:32 Open Investigation [email protected] Bobby are you sure this was delivered? Customer is still claiming non delivery. lmc
2014-05-17 09:41:19 Investigation [email protected] regarding del conf, was del may 12 at 3:56pm by my driver,cake box was left at door claims non-del bobby
2014-05-17 10:35:36 UPDATED [email protected] Dear Zulfikar We would like to inform you that your order was indeed delivered May 12th at 3:56pm and left at the door as no one was available upon delivery, Kind Regards Bloomex Team m.l
2014-05-17 14:02:50 Investigation [email protected] wecare:"don't bullshit me, there were several people available at the time, nothing was left nor was there any type of signature done, burden of proof is on you" karen
2014-05-17 14:38:06 Investigation [email protected] unsure what more i can say/just keeps claiming non del//m.l
2014-05-22 14:42:16 UPDATED [email protected] Dear Zulfikar pls see the courier notes: "regarding del conf, was del may 12 at 3:56pm by my driver,cake box was left at door.Bobby."
2014-05-23 20:49:56 Investigation [email protected] im going to need the drivers first and last name, and the courier company name as well as this is going under investigation with the BBB/wecare,J ovs
2014-05-24 15:16:14 UPDATED [email protected] Dear Zulfikar We do not give our our drivers information, If you go on our website at you will be provided with address information along with other information you will need, Kind Regards Bloomex Team m.l
2014-05-25 17:16:55 UPDATED [email protected] then you can give the drivers name to the court. This is the worst company ever, you have not even offered me a refund nor have you even delivered my product. This is the reason why you are not giving any names, there are no names to begin with because you guys are thieves and should be ashamed of yourselves. /wecare,J ovs

This is a copy of an email correspondence between Dimitri Lokhonia - Owner of Bloomex and Zulfikar Hirji - York University - Assistant Professor - Department of Anthropology (Page Administrator of The Largest Scam in Canada: Bloomex)

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: from [email protected]
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2016 11:30:24 +0000
From: zul hirji <[email protected]>
To: Dimitri Lokhonia <[email protected]>


Hello Mr.Lokhonia, 

I understand your concern regarding this matter, and I can guarantee you that the page in question will be deleted permanently. The sum was raised to $7500 due to shutdown costs which were not considered over the phone. My counsel is drafting an agreement which will be sent to you by the end of today. If you have any further questions or concerns pertaining to this matter, please feel free to contact me over the phone.  



From: Dimitri Lokhonia <>
Sent: August 18, 2016 8:34 PM
To: zul hirji
Subject: Re: from [email protected]

hello Zulfikar,

as per phone conversation, we agreed on $5000. Now you are raising price for $7500.

What sort of guarantee can you provide that after we pay you, Facebook page is not going down or get " reincarnated" some time later somewhere else?



On 2016-08-18 1:51 PM, zul hirji wrote:

Hello Mr. Lokhonia, we spoke earlier on the phone. The agreement, is $7500 dollars to delete my page regarding the activity of Bloomex supported by many testimonials as  well as news outlets like CBC Market Place and the Toronto Star. If you agree, please confirm. 

From: Dimitri Lokhonia <>
Sent: August 16, 2016 6:05 PM
Subject: from [email protected]
hello Zulfikar,

We never met before in person and did not have chance to talk on the phone.

We found out that you are the creator of " The Largest Scam in Canada:
Bloomex" facebook group.

I want to talk to you to clear a misunderstanding and possibly come to
mutually beneficial agreement.

Please give me a call at your earliest convenience at my cell phone 416


Dimitri Lokhonia


Bloomex Inc


If this "seems" like extortion we tend to agree - unfortunately our legal system's interpretation and enforcement of the law isn't moving into the 21st century as fast as social media has become a staple of our society and people like Zulfikar Hirji are still allowed to spew hatred and lies all while hiding behind the veil of anonymity that Facebook and other social network platforms provide.

Here are a few links on Zulfikar Hirji - York University - Assistant Professor - Department of Anthropology and Page Administrator of The Largest Scam in Canada: Bloomex



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