10 Things You Probably Didnâ??t Know About Lilies
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

10 Things You Probably Didnâ??t Know About Lilies

blog imageLilies come in so many different shapes, sizes and varieties that the possibilities seem endless. Like the Sunflower and the Iris, Lilies have a long and interesting history, from ancient times to modern day.

They've been an important marker of religious symbolism; have a history of being misidentified; and have been purposefully grown for several millenia.

Here are ten interesting (we hope!) facts about this elegant, beautiful flowering plant:

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Extra Large Lily Beauty Bouquet

  1. Specific reports seem to vary, depending on the source, but itâ??s likely that there are over 100 species of Lilies.
  2. Mistaken identity, part 1: Many flowers that are commonly known as Lilies do not actually fall under the classification. For example, whatâ??s commonly known as a Voodo Lily is not actually a Lily at all.
  3. Mistaken identity, part 2: You know the Quebec symbol, the fleur de lys? That translates to lilyâ?¦but in fact, itâ??s a depiction of an Iris. 
  4. Mistaken identity, part 3: Lilies were thought by several groups throughout history to have medicinal properties â?? claims that have been pretty much debunked.
  5. Some types of Lilies can grow up to six feet in height.
  6. Careful with your kitties! Some types of lilies are known to be very toxic to pets.
  7. Lilies are thought to have been cultivated for over 3,000 years. 
  8. Most lilies grow in the northern hemisphere, and until some 500 years ago, only one type grew outside of Asia. 
  9. In China, particularly Shanghai, Lily Bulbs are used in the local cuisine.
  10. Some of the more popular types of commercially-available Lilies include the Easter Lily, the Stargazer Lily, Calla Lilies, Tiger Lilies and Day Lilies.

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