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Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Coffee Baskets to Send in Canada

What could be better for the coffee lover in your life then to be surprised with a gift basket chock full of 'joe,' and accompanying treats?

If you're looking to send coffee in Canada, Bloomex is the best option around. Coffee makes for a unique gift, stays fresh through delivery and is a product that the recipient will undoubtedly make good use of. Many of these arrangements include lots of delectable snacks and treats. With so many options, you might want to even treat yourself!

Check out some of our coffee gift baskets, with links to their product pages on Click on the products' names to check out the details.

blog image

Classic Coffee Basket$29.99

A thoughtful assortment that won't break the bank but will definitely bring some morning joy.
Contains 7 Items

blog image

A similar assortment to the above arrangement but includes some Truffle Chocolates and Cappuccino.

-Premium Imported Expresso Coffee 

-Napoleon Private Label Coffee 
-Golden Pack of Flavoured Coffee 
-Pack of Imported Instant Coffee       
-Cappuccino Coffee 
-Chocolate Candies 
-Dark Chocolate Bar 
-Coffee Cookies

blog image

What an awesome assortment of products, all for less than 50 bucks.

Napoleon Coffee, Assorted Flavoured Colombian Coffee, Private Brand Bloomex Coffee, Cappucino Coffee, Extra Large Cappucino Coffee pack, Instant Colombian Coffee, Italian Expresso Coffee, Assorted Sampler Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Extra Large Pack of Ground Colombian Coffee.

blog image

A mix of treats that will have the joy delivered right to the recipients' front door.

Gourmet Coffee
Gourmet Expresso Coffee
Premium Green Tea
traditional Orange Pekoe Tea
Coffee Candies
Tuscany Crackers
Pepper Blend Crackers
Premium Crunchy Candy
Cafe Latte mocha drink mix
Premium Fudge
Premium Chocolate Waffers
Delicious Cookies
Savoury Snack Mixture. 

blog image
Extra Large Coffee & Chocolate Basket

Hey, we've all got our vices. And if coffee and chocolate are some of your special someone's they'll be absolutely thrilled to receive this incredible assortment.

Extra Large Assorted Chocolate Box, Large box of Truffle, Extra Large pack of European Cookies, Milk Chocolate Bar, Hazelnut Chocolate, Assorted Gourmet Sampler pack Coffee,  Premium Colombian Expresso Coffee, Private Brand Bloomex Coffee, Mozart Napoleon Coffee, Golden Flavoured Colombian Coffee, Instant Coffee Jar, Cappucino Coffee and Premium  Extra large pack of Imported Ground Coffee

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