50 Occasions & Holidays to Send Flowers For
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

50 Occasions & Holidays to Send Flowers For

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We're coming up to a big period for gifting flowers, Christmas. But aside from Christmas and Valentine's Day, what are the biggest occasions for sending flowers? Well, that depends on who you ask and where you reside. But aside from the traditional and religious occasions, flowers can make for a great gesture on any occasion.

In all, there are hundreds of possible reasons to send flowers. We were able to come up with fifty off the top of our heads (more or less). Some might strike you as obvious, and some a bit strange, but that's what this list is about -- having some fun with it.

Here, presented for you, are 50 reasons to send flowers. If you're not sure what something means, click on the appropriate link for more information or flower suggestions.

1 Birthday
2 Anniversary
3 To Show Your Love
4 To Say I'm Sorry
5 To celebrate a New Baby
6 To Say Get Well Soon
7 To get him something special
8 Congratulations
9 As a Business Gift
10 To Say Thank You
11 For Thanksgiving
12 For Christmas
13 For Hannukah
14 Housewarming Present
15 For Valentine's Day
16 ..Or, for Singles Awareness Day
17 As a Wedding Present
18 To welcome someone home from a trip
19 Back to School
20 Bar/Bat Mitzvah
21 To Show Your Support
22 Graduation
23 Easter
24 Sweetest Day
25 Remembrance Day
26 New Year's Eve
27 Family Day
28 Festivus
29 Canada Day
30 "Take Me Back"
31 Father's Day
32 St. Patrick's Day
33 "Way to go!"
34 National Boss Day
35 "I blew it."
36 Halloween
37 National Boss Day
38 International Joke Day
39 "Sorry About Your Mayor"
40 National Sorry Day
41 Mother's Day
42 To Honor Someone's Military Service
43 Pi Day (3/14)
44 Quinceañera
45 Grandparents Day
46 Rosh Hashanah
47 Chinese New Year
48 Administrative Assistant's Day
49 Day of the Dead
50 Just Because :)

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