6 Bloomex Gift Baskets That Do Good for Charity
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

6 Bloomex Gift Baskets That Do Good for Charity

We're very proud of our Charity "GIVE" Basket program here at Bloomex. The idea's pretty simple. We have six gift baskets (which are always a popular choice on Bloomex.ca during the holiday season) that we've designated as special "GIVE" baskets in 2013.

20% of the purchase price goes to a charity of the customer's choice. You simply enter the name of your charity or not-for-profit organization at checkout, and Bloomex will give 20% of the basket's price to them. So not only do you get a great treat for a loved one, you're able to give a little back to a cause that you really care about, as well.

Let's take a quick look at the six baskets available for this program. The start under $40 and there is quite a selection of products available. Click the links of the basket names to be taken to the product pages.

blog image

Chocolate & Cookie Lover

A wonderful basket for the value-conscious buyer, featuring an assortment of 7 delicious items.

blog image

Snack Gift Basket

9 delectable items including nuts, cookies, candy and fudge, sure to satisfy the snack lover in your life.

blog image

Blue Ribbon

A sophisticated take on the snack-filled basket, consisting of 11 different items including Artisan Breadsticks and gourmet cheese.

blog image

Gourmet Greatness

Multiple types of cheese and delicacies like mussels and almonds.

blog image

Grand Gourmet

blog imageThis great assortment includes 14 items in all, including delicious treats like smoked seafood, Escargot, gourmet coffee and a whole lot more.

Luxury Snack Basket 

The ultimate treat! Includes 14 exquisite items, featuring multiple types of cookies, crackers and other great-tasting snacks.

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