6 Hot Flowers for the Cool Fall Season
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

6 Hot Flowers for the Cool Fall Season

Is it August already? Time flies when youâ??re having fun, and summer always seems to go by too quickly. The changing of the seasons means different things to different people, what with the kids heading back to school, work life returning to normalcy, the gradual adding of layers to our clothes, and the shortening of days. 

No need to be gloomy though, because on the bright side, fall provides an array of fresh flowers, in tones and colors that reflect the spirit of the season.

Letâ??s have a look at some trendy options for fall parties, wedding flowers, bouquets, and centerpieces.
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The gorgeous Bronze Fuji Spider Mum
1.      Bronze Fuji Spider Mums
These gorgeous Chrysanthemum Daisies are always a popular choice, and in fact, only grow during the fall season. Itâ??s truly unique shape has been said to resemble an exploding firework, and  the bronze-colored bloom is the perfect shade to tie in with the colors of the fall.
(Bronze Fuji Spider Mums by the box)

2.      Orange Mokara Orchid
What a beautiful shade for autumn. The Orange Mokara Orchid works especially well for fall wedding displays, centerpieces, bouquets and the like.
(Bulk Orange Mokara Orchid)

3.       Yellow Celosia
The Yellow Celosia offers a unique bloom, and makes for a neat addition to wedding bouquets. Weâ??re suggesting yellow, but this plant blooms in many colors reminiscent of the setting autumn sun.
(Bulk Yellow Celosia)

4.       Orange Gerbera Daisy
The Gerbera Daisy offers a similar look to a sunflower, but with the versatility of many different colors. An orange Gerbera Daisy is the perfect splash of fun to add color and style to fall weddings and looks great in harvest-style arrangements.
(Bouquet) or (Bulk)

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Elegant and lovely, the Orange Dahlia
5.       Orange/Red Dahlia
Okay, okay, we couldnâ??t pick just one. Dahlias have such an elegant bloom, and paired together, these two
shades offer lovely contrast.

6.       Red/Yellow Pin Cushion Protea
Available starting in August until May, this exotic flower is an extravagant addition to your fall party planning. The red and yellow version often features accents of other colors as well. The Protea really stands out as part of a bouquet arrangement.
(Bulk Pin Cushion Protea)

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