6 November Gift Suggestions
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

6 November Gift Suggestions

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Coffee & More Gift Basket
from bloomex.ca 
Looking to give a gift in November? We have some ideas to help.

November is not a huge gift-giving month, what with the big holidays coming up next month and all. But even still, maybe you know someone with a birthday, or an anniversary. Those poor souls. Their special days needn't be overshadowed by everyone focusing on the festive season that folks are already gearing up for.

That being said, we understand the reluctance to shell out big with Christmas coming up, so we thought we'd offer a few suggestions, all for under $40.


  • 12 Long Stem Yellow Roses: These gorgeous coloured roses are a sure hit for any season, and bring a nice burst of light in to any room. ($39.95)
  • Lovely Lilies: For the thrifty gift giver, you can't beat the value of these vibrant lilies which are a unique choice and offer a beautiful assortment of colour. ($29.95) 


  • 'Coffee & More' Gift Basket: A great gift for November; when the weather cools down in Canada, offer that special someone in your life something to warm them up.  This basket includes an assortment of Espresso, Flavoured Coffee, Cappuccino, Chocolate and more -- a total of eight items in all. ($34.95)
  • Fruit Lover Gift Basket: With the chill in the air, many people start to reduce their physical activity and time spent outside as we transition toward a bit of a winter slumber. Fruits are a great way to feel full while eating healthy. ($39.95)


  • Large box of chocolate mints: People who don't love chocolate and mint combined are few and far between. This delicious assortment will satisfy a sweet-tooth for weeks on end. ($29.95)
  • Peanut Butter Cookies: Just like your mother used to make, these PB Cookies go great with a glass of milk and considering they're being shipped right to a loved one's door, you can't beat the price for a pound. ($19.95) 

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