7 Super Spring Bouquets to Brighten Rooms and Lift Sprits
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

7 Super Spring Bouquets to Brighten Rooms and Lift Sprits

With spring just around the corner, spirits are looking up. Bloomex offers several great bouquets to get into the spirit of the season. Whether for a friend, relative, loved one, or yourself, these bouquets are sure to brighten any room they're placed in .

Here are seven suggestions for bouquets featuring bright colours and lovely aromas to get you into a spring state of mind.

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blog image100 Blooms of Alstroemeria 

This beautiful, colourful bouquet consists of 25 stems of Alstroemeria, commonly known as Peruvian Lilies. Each stem contains multiple blooms, adding up to about 100 in total. This arrangement is a lovely burst of colour to brighten up a dark space.

blog image
Sunshine Sunflowers
Measuring about 20 inches tall, this delightful arrangement features 10 gorgeous sunflowers accompanied by yellow soldago and fresh greenery.

blog image

Classic Yellow & White Daisies

This bouquet features the fresh colours of spring, with 36 lively daisies beautifully arranged.

blog imageWhite Calla Lilies
A beautiful compliment to any setting. These White Calla Lilies feature a unique shape with a lovely arrangement.  Includes 6 magnificent stems of calla lilies and assorted fresh greenery. Measures approximately 22" tall.

blog image

Spring Tulips
Perhaps the flower most associated with spring is the tulip. Once again, they are quite popular in 2014. This beautiful assortment   mix of pink, yellow, red, white and orange petals.

blog image

Pink Roses
These colourful roses are a perfect colour for spring and come fresh to you from our production facilities across the country.

blog image

Delicate Delight
This stunning mixed bouquet contains a variety of 2 pink roses, 3 mini carnations, 5 blooms of daisies, 1 stem of aster, 3 stems of alstromerias and fresh greens. Features the colour palette of spring sunshine!

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