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Tuesday, August 27, 2013



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Celebrate National Sorry Day on August 28 with Bloomex.



Ottawa â?? As Canadians, we tend to be known around the world for a few things: hockey, maple syrup, our beautiful landscapes, and of course, our politeness.


blog imageBut as good Canadians, weâ??re also not against poking a little fun at ourselves. And as Canadaâ??s largest florist, we at Bloomex felt our inclination for apologizing should be celebrated. With that in mind, we put our heads together to think about how we could do that. The result?
Announcing the newest Canadian national holiday: 
National Sorry Day.
Maybe itâ??s a co-worker, a family member, an old flame that didnâ??t work out, or a buddy that you bailed on last night. But whoever it is you need to apologize to (and let's face it, there's always someone), thereâ??s no better time than this Wednesday. Thatâ??s because is offering amazing savings on Wednesday in celebration of the first annual National Sorry Day.

So be sure to join us this Wednesday, Aug. 28 at for National Sorry Day and let's celebrate this storied, historic holiday in style. We will not accept your apology if you do not.

(Just kidding. Sorry.)

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About Bloomex: Established in 2006, is Canadaâ??s largest florist. The company ships flowers directly to consumers from its distribution centres in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and from its headquarters in Ottawa.
More (maybe possibly definitely not true) facts about National Sorry Day:
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  • The day is named after General Immanuel Sorry, a legendary Canadian, who in 1867 in Kingston, accidently bumped in to fellow resident Noah Werries.The two men then introduced themselves to each other and a holiday was suddenly born, 146 years later. 
  • Every National Sorry Day, millions of Canadians pay their respects to the holiday by gathering at revolving doors for hours on end, insisting that each other go ahead first. Then they all bump into each other at once. This sets up the traditional Wednesday Mass (apology.)
  • Historical carols for this storied holiday include classic songs penned in the 1700s, give or take, like â??All Apologiesâ? by Nirvana and â??Miss Jacksonâ? by Outkast.
  • Vincent van Gogh was once commissioned to do a painting for Sorry Day called â??The Sorry Nightâ? but somewhere along the line, the translation got mixed up. As he was not a Canadian, he never did apologize.
  • Even when us Canadians do silly things like lose data on 500,000 of our citizens or, like, chug 8 beers and swim to Detroit, we always make sure to apologize. And after that, all is forgiven. Always.
  • The official board game of National Sorry Day is the board game â??Sorry.â? Obviously. 

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