Be Your Own Valentine Sassy Singles Contest
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Be Your Own Valentine Sassy Singles Contest

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Not everyone is thrilled that Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Let's face it, for some it is a day that highlights the fact that you lack romance in your life. 

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If you are single it can be a day on which you stay home, pull the covers over your head and hope it all goes away.  If you are in a relationship but your "significant other" lacks any concept of romance, it can be a day that highlights your "blah" state of things.  

Well, let's change this Anti-Valentine's Day sentiment! Just because you are single (or feel like you are) doesn't mean that you don't deserve flowers and treats too! Why should the cooing couples get all the fun? Let's stop the unfairness. 

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If you think you darn well deserve some pampering this Valentine's Day, be your own Valentine and let Bloomex be one too! If you are single and sassy (or unrecognized for your fabulousness), and want to receive a fantastic Valentine's Day gift this year, send us a short note to let us know. 

The top 3 entries will receive a gorgeous bouquet of blooming roses, plus a box of yummy gourmet chocolates for you to enjoy all to yourself! 

Plus, you can have this delivered to yourself at work and make everyone think you have a stunning new secret admirer...or have it delivered to yourself at home and make your romance-less  partner wake up and pay attention! (You're welcome.)

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How it works: 

1. Send a short note to to tell us how you are single, sassy and deserve a fab Valentine's gift this year.

2. Entries must be received by Friday February 6, 2015, by 12 noon EST (Eastern Standard Time).

3. Contest winners will be determined by a panel of Bloomex employees. 

4. Top three entries will each win a bouquet of one dozen gorgeous roses, plus a box of premium chocolates. 
5. By submitting you allow Bloomex to post your entry publicly on sites including but not limited to, the Bloomex blog (, and Bloomex social media sites.

6. Contest open to residents of Canada. (Better luck next time, Madagascar.)

P..S. If you decide you want to end your sassy singlehood, you can also check out our Bloomex Cupid Contest for more ways to win roses!

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