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Friday, October 13, 2006

Blogger's First Experience

My company Bloomex (online Canadian florist) decided we would like to start a blog to communicate with in a less formal way and to provide free information that can be useful to online shoppers and anyone for that matter. Enough about Bloomex... If you want to read about Bloomex, you can go on the website if not that's great. Read on to get useful information. Since I learned a lot about the flower industry and ordering flowers online, I think I will start with a post on that next time.

I have ordered many things online since I am kind of a computer geek with a Computer Science degree and have a lot of faith in technology. I shop on E-Bay and mostly CD sites actually because CDs are probably the hardest thing to find in a retail store. Why do I shop online? I like selection, I like low prices and most of all I like convenience. For example, the pay at the pump feature at gas stations is one of my favorite things. I hate line-ups.

These are probably the reasons most people shop online but shopping online is not without risk. We have all heard about online shopping horror stories. Someone stole my credit card or what about hackers... I think that is almost a ridiculous idea not because it can't happen but if you think about it your credit card or debit is never safe.

You know how many of my friends have been defrauded. 3. Do you want to know how? Case 1: My friend Matt's credit card number was stolen. Was it online? No, the investigation led him to believe it was either during a phone order or use at a physical location. He shops online all the time yet his credit card number was stolen elsewhere. Well surely the other two were online Jeff. Absolutely not. The other two were both at actual bank machines where someone had rigged the machine to take pin numbers and copy cards. So from my experience the Internet is a pretty safe environment if you shop at reputable stores and secure sites. Of course 3 people is not a very good sample number but these are all frequent online shoppers and its odd that they are defrauded at physical locations with all the hype about hackers and the Internet not being safe.

So even though there are risks online, there are always risks.

The bottomline is that shopping online is convenient, often less expensive and provides a better selection with often the same risks as shopping over the phone or at physical locations.

Other authors have a similar opinion take this blog on the safety on online shopping. And if you are afraid of shopping online, don't do it but if you area considering it take some safe shopping pointers.

Please if you take something away from this blog, don't let it be that shopping is not safe at all since 3 out of the hundreds of people I know have been defrauded. Just know that the Internet is for the most part a safe shopping environment as long as you practice diligent shopping.

One more thing, the opinions expressed here are my own and do not in any way represent the opinion of my company. (Standard clause so I don't get fired)

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