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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Power of Flowers Giveaway!


1. Tell us why your nominee deserves a boost with a bouquet a flowers.
2. The top 3 entries will be chosen by a panel of Bloomex employees.
3. Our team will work with you to arrange thew perfect time to surprise the recipient. If you live too far away from your nominee, we will deliver the bouquet to someone in their area who is willing to do the surprise.
4. On the day of the surprise, you or a friend must video tape the recipients reaction. Pictures are also welcome. 
5. Our team will share your video on our social media channels so that everyone across Canada can witness the Power of Flowers.**


  • Tell us your story on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter to enter
  • Winner selected by a panel of Bloomex employees
  • Prizes will include flowers, gift baskets and other goodies
  • Winners must provide contact and delivery info to receive their prize
  • Resident of Canada
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Delivery to any valid Canadian address within Bloomex delivery territory 
  • Refer to post for entry deadlines

**By submitting your written entry and/or video you agree that you have permission to submit and that you allow Bloomex to post your submitted materials publicly on sites including but not limited to, the Bloomex blog (, the Bloomex Facebook page, the Bloomex Twitter feed, and the Bloomex YouTube channel.