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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bloomex featured in Ottawa Business Journal

Check out this article from Mark Brownlee of the Ottawa Business Journal that mentions Bloomex, and features a photo of our founder and president, Dimitri! Here's the relevant passages: 

Ottawa-based online flower shop Bloomex will always take responsibility if a customer isnâ??t happy with their product, said Dimitri Lokhonia, the companyâ??s president. That includes cases where a customer has filled in their address wrong on the form.
But that can only go so far. Even though itâ??s only a very small percentage, Mr. Lokhonia said heâ??s seen cases of customers trying to steal from the company by asking for their flowers to be replaced even after they arrived as advertised.
The company receives about 20 online complaints out of the 200,000 sales it does every year, he said. Thatâ??s one of the reasons why he refuses to change how the company operates just because one or two people arenâ??t pleased.
When asked if he had any advice to businesses dealing with negative reviews online, Mr. Lokhonia said: â??I would just do my job. The satisfied customersâ?¦(are) the people who will bring you business.â?

Bloomex distribution centre, Dimitri
Photo © Cole Burston, Ottawa Business Journal.
Dimitri Lokhonia is president of online flower shop Bloomex.

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