Bloomex Blog | Bloomex fulfills nearly 10,000 Orders for Valentines Day 2014
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bloomex fulfills nearly 10,000 Orders for Valentines Day 2014

blog image, Canadaâ??s leading online florist, is proud to announce that it fulfilled over 9,900 orders for Valentineâ??s Day 2014.
That marks the best Valentineâ??s Day yet for the flourishing company, which sent out orders to every province from coast-to-coast.
â??We are so pleased that our customers used Bloomex in record numbers,â? said Mark Camphaug, Director of Marketing & Sales for Bloomex. â??Our continued year-over-year growth is a testament to the value weâ??ve been able to provide Canadians since the company was founded in 2005.â?
In Australia, the company delivered nearly 3,000 orders this Valentineâ??s Day, another record for the company in that country.
â??Australia continues to really embrace the quality and value that Bloomex is able to offer through our unique business model and commitment to service,â? said Brendan Dyke, Marketing Project Manager for Bloomex Australia. â??Our success this Valentineâ??s Day is indicative of the fact that Bloomex is flourishing in Australia, and we really have our valued customers to thank for that.â?
Bloomex, based in Ottawa, Ont., is the largest online florist in Canada. Customersâ?? orders are processed through the companyâ??s site at or through the companyâ??s dedicated team of customer service staff.
In addition to flowers, the company offers a variety of other gift items including gift baskets, gourmet foods, sweets and treats, balloons and a large selection of other items.
The company services Canada, the United States and Australia. Unlike most other companies in the florist industry, Bloomex fulfills the production on the vast majority of its customers orders, buying flowers directly from growers and shipping them through a network of ten production facilities in three countries (located in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Miami, Fla., and Sydney, Aus.)
2013 was the companyâ??s best year ever and the company is expecting to best it in 2014, with a new website design headlining the list of exciting developments.







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