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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bloomex Introduces Bloomex Gardens: Canada's NEW Online Garden Centre

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Bloomex Gets Growing! Spring is right around the corner and many Canadian gardeners are eager to be back in the yard planning, planting, and enjoying their beautiful gardens. Bloomex has long provided customers with beautiful flowers, plants and gifts for indoor enjoyment—why not extend that expertise to offering to outdoor garden products as well?   

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Now it's been done! Bloomex is very excited to announce the launch of an exciting new online garden centre called Bloomex Gardens. Bloomex Gardens will provide Canadians with the best gardening plant material and merchandise for the lowest prices, using Bloomex’s tried-and-true delivery model and commitment to dedicated customer service. 

Bloomex Gardens ( offers you a selection of the best garden products on the market, including spring and summer bulbs, perennials, select fruit and vegetable plant materials, seeds available all year, as well as high quality gardening merchandise. Plus, you will find all this at prices lower than your neighbourhood garden centre, with the convenience of home delivery and expert advice.

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“We are very happy to announce the launch of Bloomex Gardens,” says Mark Camphaug, Director of Marketing at Bloomex Canada. “With our established chain of care and national distribution centres, we are able to provide Canadian gardeners with exceptional prices on some of the best garden products in the industry. Our prices are better than what you would see at the big box garden centres, but our care and experience give you a much better end result.”

Plants, seeds and bulbs are sourced through the large network of top growers and farms that Bloomex already uses.  At the local big box store, plants are often massed and stacked outdoors in variable conditions. With Bloomex Gardens each plant receives the correct care, including the exact light levels, temperature, and humidity levels, that it needs to not just survive, but thrive. This care ensures that customers receive the best quality plant material, with convenient delivery right to their doorstep (and no heavy plant materials to lug around). 

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You also get access to friendly and professional gardening advice—something that may be lacking at the local big box store.

“We stand behind our Number One grade plants and have expert horticulturalists available to support you before, during and after your Bloomex Gardens purchase,” assures Chris Baker, General Manager. “We also offer our garden club members what no other on-line retailer does: a customized site visit utilizing modern remote sensing technology that allows us to review your garden concerns with you. With Bloomex Gardens you not only get a spectacular product but the perfect advice to ensure that your garden thrives year after year.”

If you can't wait to get back in the garden, check out Bloomex Gardens and get growing faster and for a lot less! The store is available now at  Read the Press Release for more information.

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