Boost Your Health with Houseplants
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Boost Your Health with Houseplants

Need a great gift idea? Consider a beautiful, growing plant!

As a decorative touch, houseplants provide big impact. Add a plant to any home or office space and instantly enliven it. They make an ideal gift that is appropriate for any recipient, whether man or woman, and that is suitable for any occasion. Plants come in a wide range of colours, textures, and sizes, with blooms or without, and they are lovely to look at. But did you you know just how much our leafy friends relate to good health? 

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Plants help us live longer and better by:

Boosting our well-being.
Studies suggest that having plants in your environment benefits you in many ways. A recent review published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that plants can reduce fatigue, boost mood levels, lower stress, increase pain tolerance, and improve reaction time. Another study from 2008 suggests that patients in hospitals recover faster and use fewer pain killers when there is a live plant in the room.

Providing a cure for what ails us.
 About 70,000 plant species are used for medicine. The first types of aspirin, pain killer and fever reducers came from the bark of the willow tree. Today, over half the drugs prescribed in the US have plant origins. Many more species remain untapped—perhaps important cures are waiting for us, in an unknown plant!  

Improving our eating experience
Around 2000 different types of plants are used by humans to make food. The vast majority of our food is plant-based, from grains to fruits and veggies, to beverages like tea and coffee. Some of our tastiest added ingredients come from plants, including vanilla (from an orchid pod), chocolate (from the cacao tree), and saffron (from a crocus flower).

Cleaning our air
Plants improve air quality. A 1989 study conducted by NASA identified 17 common houseplants and found that these plants remove toxic chemicals from our indoor air. Plants also reduce carbon dioxide levels and send oxygen into your environment.

So send an incredible plant to someone you care about—the beautiful and healthy gift that keeps on growing!

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