Bring the Sizzle Back! Creative Ways to Win Her with Flowers
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bring the Sizzle Back! Creative Ways to Win Her with Flowers

Whether a man wants to win a girl or keep her, flowers are a go-to resource. Sending flowers in a new romance, for a birthday, an anniversary, or for another special occasion is a tried-and-true recipe for pleasing your lady.

As time goes by, sometimes guys forget the flowers and the special treatment. They may also forget, or not know, that there are more ways to use flowers than just handing over a bouquet (don't get me wrong--handing over a bouquet is an awesome start anytime). Women love to feel loved and attended to, whether it is on a special occasion or as a "just because."

For guys who really want to impress their lady, here are some creative ways to get sparks flying, whether your romance is brand new or long lasting:

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1.Repeat Romantic
Send her a single red rose (or pink if she prefers) every day for 12 days, with a different message every day to list reasons why you love her. Alternately, you could send her a rose for each month you have been together, or use another number that is significant to her or to your relationship.

2. The Hired Help  
If she has a fairly established daily routine, go to the places she regularly visits or is slated to visit and see if you can get people to agree to hand her a flower at the various locations. If you have kids, have them give her a flower at breakfast. If she always hits the drive thru lane for her morning coffee, maybe a kind employee will agree to hand her a flower with a message from you. Ditto for the dry cleaner, or the waiter at the restaurant she is going to at lunch (tip them and this will help). Include her co-workers: this way she can bask in the glory of even more attention at work. When she gets home, you can be waiting with a final bouquet.

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3. Lead the Way
Use flowers or small vases of flowers to create an arrow that leads to a romantic spot. It could direct her outside to a picnic you have set up, or to a spot you have left a gift, or toward the bedroom if things are really getting romantic. You can scatter rose petals to add even more romance.

4. Floral Scavenger Hunt
 Leave flowers around the house in various locations. Attach a clue to each flower that directs her to the next location for a really fun and creative hunt. The key is to be personal and romantic with your choices and list reasons why you love each spot that are all about her. Have the final clue lead to a beautiful bouquet with a special card. (Include chocolates or another gift if you really want to impress her).

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5. Unexpected Places 
Leave flowers in places that will surprise her throughout her day, such as in her purse, her car, the bathroom vanity, her closet, in the cereal cupboard, in the refrigerator, or anywhere else you can think of.

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5. In the Bath
To really make her swoon, draw her a hot bath. Scatter rose petals all over the surface of the water, and around the tub. Place a lovely bouquet nearby for her to enjoy. Light some candles and add some bath oils, bath beads or bath salts. Set out some fluffy towels and her favourite robe. Add her beverage of choice, or anything else she really enjoys. 

Follow these tips and get creative-- your lady will love you for it!

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