Creative Flower Containers For Your Bloomex Flowers
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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Creative Flower Containers For Your Bloomex Flowers

There are few things better than dressing up your home with beautiful fresh flowers. Flowers add instant charm and colour, brightening the simplest space and cheering even the dullest day. If you are lucky enough to receive a fresh Bloomex flower bouquet, you can add a unique twist and even more impact by choosing a creative container to display them in. Best of all, many amazing options are probably right in your own kitchen! Think outside the box or enhance a decorating theme with an interesting choice.

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Sweet and Traditional

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If you receive beautiful roses or a bouquet of sweet mixed blooms such as snapdragons, alstroemeria oradorable daisies, consider setting them in a pretty tea pot. If you are hosting a brunch you could even consider taking the bouquet apart, trimming the stems, and displaying your flowers on a vintage cake stand. A cake display, a cookie jar, a pitcher, anything you can make watertight is an option.

Modern Elegance

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For bouquets with a more modern edge, such as a monochromatic display of lilies or calla lilies, get creative with clear plastic boxes, simple rectangular containers that have clean lines, and consider containers with metallic finishes such as gold or silver.

Boho Chic

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If you love “shabby chic” design, displaying your bouquet in a watering can, tin pail, bird cage or bucket is a great way to reinforce your theme. Hydrangeas and daisies would be well suited to this kind of look. In the spring, even a pair of pretty rain boots makes a creative container!

Divide and Conquer

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Another wonderful way to display your flowers is to separate the bouquet into a series of smaller bud vases, wine glasses, tea cups or anything else that appeals to you. The best flowers for this would be spray roses or gerberas.

Edible Inspiration

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Another kitchen-inspired way to display your flowers involves using food items. Set a smaller vase, a watertight, cleaned-out soup can, or any other watertight container inside a watermelon or pumpkin and you have instant “wow” factor! Add slices of lemon or lime to a clear vase, pitcher or other clear container to add a designer look to your bouquet for a low budget. Any bright vibrant blooms would work best for this design!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! A quick search around your kitchen or home can yield amazing new ways to make your flowers fit your taste and personality, and amplify the beauty of your bouquet.

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