Flowers for 5 Top Personality Types
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Flowers for 5 Top Personality Types

So you want to send flowers? Always a lovely idea! When it comes to deciding what to send, the options are vast. How to choose?

Apart from the usual considerations of occasion, location, budget, and general likes and dislikes, consider the recipient’s personality type! Matching flowers to someone’s general personality profile can result in an even happier recipient.

Take a few moments and think about the person you are sending the flowers to. Think about their hobbies, interests, how they dress, their home décor choices, and the way they interact with others. Are they outgoing and splashy, or quiet and shy? Do they like to hike, bike, and be outdoors? Do they wear or decorate with a lot of traditionally feminine colours, like pinks and lavenders, or do they prefer bolder shades and patterns? Do they keep décor modern and minimal, or traditional and layered? 

Here are our suggestions for 5 most common personality profiles: 

1. The Outdoor Person; A rustic, down-to-earth person who enjoys the great outdoors. Like natural fabrics and earthy colours, and enjoys being active. 

blog image

 Autumn Glory Bouquet

blog image

 Blooming Planter Basket

2. The Romantic: A tender, sweet person who enjoys romance and kindness, and some of the more feminine designs in clothing or decor.  

blog image

Long Stem Lavender Roses

blog image

 Crazy for You Bouquet:

3. The Traditionalist: A bit more reserved person, likes simple colour palettes. Prefers things that are comfortable, reliable, and not too trendy.

blog image

 Beautiful in Blue Bouquet

blog image

 Morning Bright

4. The Modern Minimalist: The minimalist enjoys simple, clean lines, modern clothing and decor in bolder shapes, with less fuss.

blog image

White Calla Lilies 
blog image


 Phalaenopsis Orchid

5.. The Vibrant Extrovert :  A sociable, outgoing type who is not afraid to be noticed. This person loves to meet and mingle, see and be seen. Enjoys bolder colours and patterns. 

blog image

 Gerbera Brights

blog image

Mandarin Swirl 

Remember: whatever you choose, you really can’t go wrong! Anyone will be thrilled to get a gorgeous bouquet or a beautiful, lush plant. It’s really the time you took and the thought you are expressing that makes the final impact.

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