Help Support Stroke Month!
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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Help Support Stroke Month!

June is Stroke Month and Bloomex Canada is proud to be offering a special bouquet with 15% of sale going directly to  the Heart & Stroke Foundation (HSF) to support life- changing research. 

The Heart & Stroke Purest Love Bouquet is an elegant combination of white lilies, alstroemeria, hydrangea and carnations. It was designed to pay tribute to those who fell victim to heart disease and stroke.

Bloomex will also provide a two dollar donation at checkout option for the month of June, helping fund research, which this year is focusing on women's stroke care and prevention.

Strokes are more deadly for women than men due to unique sex and gender factors so the HSF has developed The Ms. Understood initiative to help improve women’s heart health through research and healthcare programs. 

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They are advancing sex and gender based analysis, funding a community of scientists to improve expertise in women's heart health and expanding knowledge of at risk populations such as Indigenous women and South East Asian Women. 

By doubling the dollars they invest in research for women's heart health, they can help save hundreds of the women we love. Please help support this amazing initiative when you shop at

The Purest Love Bouquet will be available for the remainder of 2018!

Learn more about this campaign at or follow #TimeToSeeRed.

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