How Flowers & Gifts Can Get You Your Heart's Desire
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

How Flowers & Gifts Can Get You Your Heart's Desire

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Flowers can be a great item to
influence people's decision
making process.
Flowers are such a lovely present to receive on a special occasion. But with a little work and planning, they can provide an excellent way to reach out to someone relevant and influence their decision on important matters.

Here are some ideas and suggestions on how to use flowers to get what you want out of your life. Of course, we can't guarantee that they'll work for sure, but it's always worth a try!


New job coming up available at the office? Okay, maybe you don't want to go overboard with the 'sucking up', but a little gesture now could go a long way in the end. We recommend a small, low-cost planter basket with a personalized note saying something along the lines of 'I would appreciate your consideration for this position.' What a way to set yourself apart from the crowd!


Four words: BEER AND NUTS BASKET. We challenge you to find a red blooded male who wouldn't appreciate this basket, which features an assortment of Molson Canadian, various nuts, pretzels and candies.


Keep it traditional and go with roses. Bloomex offers some fantastic deals, especially our Friday only Rose Specials. It's a fantastic way to start your special someone's week off right.


Hey, we all mess up sometimes. The key is how you make up for it. We suggest a nice chocolate gift basket.


Going to a housewarming, party or gathering? You're guaranteed to get a smile out of the host if you show up with an offering of balloons, flowers, or best of all, a wine & cheese gift basket.

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