Make HIM Happy: Men Like Flowers Too!
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Make HIM Happy: Men Like Flowers Too!

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It's a pretty common fact that most women LOVE to receive flowers (LOVE was in all caps on purpose). It's a traditional gesture from a man to a woman, for many reasons and occasions-- from  romance, to tribute to comfort, or perhaps an attempt to escape the proverbial doghouse. But what do you get the man in your life? Are flowers an acceptable gift for a man? 

For most men, the answer seems to be yes. 

A study conducted at Rutgers University by Holly Hale and Jeanneatte Haviland-Jones showed that men who receive flowers are happier and more social. These same emotional benefits that come from receiving flowers were already demonstrated in women in earlier studies.

The study examined two groups of men of varied ages and ethnic backgrounds. Group one received a surprise gift of flowers, while group two did not. The men’s verbal cues and body language were studied as measures of happiness and social interaction. 

The group who received the flowers showed more eye contact in conversation, stood closer to the researchers, and smiled more often and more broadly than did the group who did not receive flowers.
Haviland-Jones summarized by  saying, “When it comes to receiving flowers, men and women are on the same playing field. It seems that we all express extraordinary delight and increase our social behavior.” 

Men like to get reassurance, like anyone else. Most guys seem to feel that receiving flowers from a woman is flattering, and the gift provides them with very concrete assurance that the lady is feeling affection (or some other welcome emotion) for him. It probably provides some nice bragging rights also.

Of course, like all things, the true determining factor is the guy himself, the giver, and the circumstances. Some men might enjoy getting flowers from a woman, but be less comfortable receiving them as a gift from a man. Some men might be perfectly happy receiving flowers at home, but not at their office. Some will be really uncertain about the whole deal. Consider these factors when deciding whether flowers are the best choice. 

Sending a man flowers is still not a common occurrence but that need not deter you. If you decide to send, maybe stay simple with the bouquet you choose. He may not be ready for pink roses, but some simple mums in white or yellow, or blue flowers such as iris or hyrdrangeas might be fine. Still not sure? A planter basket with houseplants can provide added comfort level. 

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Blue Iris Bouquet

Still not sure he'd like flowers? Then stick to a lovely gift basket, and no man is going to protest that. The Classic Coffee Basket is great for the guy who loves his caffeine hit; the Cheese Lover Basket is another excellent choice. Or you can try to nudge him into some stress release with a Men's Spa Basket.

Truly, what's a man not to like about receiving a thoughtful gift of any kind, flowers included? Men  may not admit outright that they like flowers, but chances are they will smile a whole lot when their doorbell rings and you have sent them some. 

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