Making Grandparents Happy, One Bouquet at a Time with Bloomex
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making Grandparents Happy, One Bouquet at a Time

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It was Grandparents Day this past Sunday, September 7. Millions of people flocked to various retirement residences and private homes, tributes in hand, to visit their senior family members. Millions more picked up the phone for a loving phone call; others sent lovely bouquets of flowers and thoughtful gifts.

Um…maybe not.

Did you forget? If so, you’re not alone. Not everyone even knows about Grandparents Day, much less celebrates it, yet this holiday began in 1995 and honours some of our most valuable society members. In the most recent survey, Canada had over 6.7 million grandparents, with each having an average of 4.7 grandchildren (Statistics Canada 2001). Of Canadians aged sixty-five or older, 80% of women and 74% of men are grandparents. 
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Today’s grandparent often ends up caring for young children while parents work or helping smooth a transition for children post divorce. The grandparent-grandchild bond is second in importance only to the parent-child bond (Kornhaber 1996). Grandparents are a repository of memory and experience for their individual family and for society as a whole. It's important to recognize them.


This year Bloomex reached out to various retirement residences across Canada with a simple offer to provide some lovely complimentary bouquets to residents for Grandparents Day. The retirement residence could either name some residents who could benefit from some added cheer this year, or use the bouquets as prizes. After scores of emails and phone calls, it was clear that the holiday was being treated with varying degrees of involvement (one home had no idea it was a holiday).


The majority of the residences did reply quickly and with enthusiasm. Some took the extra time to organize raffles to help celebrate the event, or could immediately name residents who had gone through hard times recently. It became clear that even a small tribute, and the demonstration that somebody remembered and somebody cared, made a big difference in the lives of these special seniors. 
A big thank you to the wonderful administrators and caring staff that took us up on the offer and went out of their way to organize the donation and to brighten the day of their residents. After giving so much to the next generations, these grandparents deserve some recognition and more than a little love given back. And the further good news is that you don’t have to wait for Grandparents Day to tell a family member how much they mean to you. There is never a wrong day for that.
Here are some of the highlights, generously provided by some of the participating residences:



Alta Vista Retirement Residence






“It was a wonderful donation, thank you!”




 Jenna Lacharity
Community Marketing Manager
Alta Vista Retirement Center
Ottawa, ON
 “The flowers arrived!  We had a draw amongst all the residents at breakfast and our two lucky winners were absolutely delighted!  Thank you so much for bringing a smile to the faces of our residents.”
Kind regards, Barbara
Amica at Apenwoods, Calgary, Alberta








“Yes the bouquets arrived on Friday just after lunch. I spoke with the three (designated) residents Friday afternoon, and assisted one resident with getting the flowers out of the shipper box. All residents were extremely happy (two of the residents cried; they were that happy.)
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these three residents happy. They were full of smiles all weekend. Thank You.”
Lorne Taylor | Hospitality Manager
Atria Retirement Canada | Churchill Manor
Edmonton, AB


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All three photos courtesy of Rutherford Heights Retirement Residence: An ALL Seniors Care Living Center
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blog image







"Grandparents day was a huge success for us. We did raffle the two bouquets and the receiving residents were very thankful. Again, thank you for contributing”.


Kim Green
Rutherford Heights Retirement Residence An ALL Seniors Care Living Center
Edmonton, AB


Let's hope that next year, there are even more grandparents being remembered!


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