New research reveals how Bees and Flowers "Communicate"
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Friday, August 23, 2013

New research reveals how Bees and Flowers "Communicate"

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Tests revealed that bees can distinguish between different floral fields, as if they were petal colours. The electric signals may also let the insectsknow if another bee has recently visited a flower.

How bees detect the fields is unknown, but the researchers suspect the electrostatic force might make their hair bristle. A similar hair-raising effect is seen when placing one's head close to an old-style TV screen.

Flowers were already known to use bright colours, patterns and enticing scents to attract pollinators.

Electrical signals may provide a deeper level of communication, the scientists believe.

Study leader Professor Daniel Robert, from the University of Bristol team, said: "This novel communication channel reveals how flowers can potentially inform their pollinators about the honest status of their precious nectar and pollen reserves."