No Calorie Birthday Treats
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

No Calorie Birthday Treats

Need a birthday gift? Everyone knows that flowers are the best way to brighten someone's special day. They bring cheer and beauty and are the perfect way to show you care. But keep in mind that you can also get unique in the presentation! The talented floral consultants at Bloomex have put together some beautiful and creative gifts using flowers, to make some very unique birthday cakes. Yes, you read that right: birthday cakes! This is the perfect way to provide a special no calorie birthday treat that will be really be enjoyed, not to mention talked about for years to come.

These non-edible floral cakes are creatively and carefully made by our florists using the freshest blooms. They provide a unique way to celebrate and are a beautiful accent to any table. (And as a further bonus they can be enjoyed far longer than a traditional cake, which gets eaten right away!) Check out these samples to see how beautiful these birthday "cakes" really are.

blog image
Flowery Wishes Floral Cake

This colourful floral cake is set to celebrate their birthday with sweet "no" calorie sentiments. Perfectly arranged in the shape and styling of a colorful birthday cake are white chrysanthemums, green button poms, pale pink carnations and a single plump red rose.

blog image
Blooming Wishes Floral Cake

The stunning floral cake includes white chrysanthemums, green button poms, orange roses and magenta mini carnations. This memorable flower arrangement will add to the festivities of their special day.

blog image
Fragrant Wishes Floral Cake

The Fragrant Wishes floral cake is a special birthday treat features white carnations, red carnations and a single plump red rose. A delightful way to surprise someone you care about.

blog image
Sweet Wishes Floral Cake
Sweet Wishes Floral cake includes white chrysanthemums, hot pink carnations and a plump red rose to "garnish." This beautiful and creative presentation is sure to please!

Visit the website to check out all our wonderful Bloomex Floral Cakes, and order yours today. For more birthday ideas, read about the decadent and well priced Bloomex Spa Baskets.

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