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Monday, November 30, 2015

Perfect Holiday Poinsettias

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Supreme Poinsettia Basket
The holiday season is here, and for many of us, we associate the beautiful Poinsettia plant with this special time of year. Native to Central America, this vibrant plant flowers during the winter in an area of southern Mexico. The ancient Aztecs called them 'cuetlaxochitl' and had several uses for them. They used the flowers (which are actually special types of leaves called bracts) to make a purple dye for clothes and cosmetics. They also used the white latex sap from the plant as a medicine to treat fevers. 

We know about poinsettias today largely due to the first ambassador from the U.S. to Mexico. In 1825 Joel Roberts Poinsett (that's why we call them Poinsettias) brought some plants back to his greenhouses in South Carolina. He began growing them and sending them to friends and botanists. These friends shared and sold the plant and their popularity grew quickly. Their cheerful and festive colours bring us joy during the winter months and the holiday season.
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Holiday Poinsettia Basket

Bloomex offers many gorgeous varieties and arrangements of this popular holiday plant, at different price options. We are also thrilled to present some NEW additions with beautiful planter baskets starring these popular holiday flowers! 

We are also your best source for poinsettia in bulk at amazing prices, which is especially perfect for corporate gifts or retail decorating. 


We've collected a few of the highlights for you here, but be sure to check out all the perfect Poinsettia choices at the site. Order yours today, for best delivery options across Canada, and send some bright seasonal cheer for less.

Happy Holidays!

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At just $29.99 this year, this is a classic choice that will bring a holiday smile to any recipient, or buy for yourself to decorate your own home or table. This elegant assortment of red poinsettia plants accented with Christmas decorations and greens is arranged in a lovely 6" bamboo basket. 

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For even more elegance, combine the bright beauty of poinsettia with other vibrant plants and decorative touches. This wicker basket is sure to delight any recipient this holiday! 

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This lovely basket is a festive touch that makes a perfect gift as it is long-lasting! Send some tropical delight mixed with the vibrance of fresh poinsettias. On sale for only $39.99 this season, this is a steal! 

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This sweet planter basket is a thoughtful gift idea! A perfect mix of blooming tropicals, accented with seasonal decorations in a tasteful wicker basket. 

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Gorgeous! This is a new combination that is sure to delight! We've mixed perfect poinsettias, with delectable, fresh fruit in a decorative wicker basket. Makes a perfect thank you gift for corporate or personal use, or a wonderful way to express any sentiment this holiday season.