Pet Friendly Plants and Flowers
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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Pet Friendly Plants and Flowers

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Our four-legged family members are an important part of our lives and their curiosity, especially when young, is legendary. Some pets will nibble at or eat just about anything, including plants and flowers, and unfortunately, this can have bad results. Some plants and flowers are toxic to our furry friends, and this list can vary for dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals

If you are sending flowers to a pet household, or if your pet spends time unattended in your garden, please check with your vet or a reputable animal care site for a full list of toxic plants and flowers. 

Plants and Flowers to Avoid: 

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A few varieties of lilies are relatively safe for dogs and horses, but almost all are super toxic to cats.Even getting pollen on their tongue and licking their skin, ingesting just 2-3 petals, or drinking water from the vase can cause severe issues in a cat. Some varieties such as lily of the valley are extremely poisonous or even deadly to many animals (including humans!) so exercise caution with where these are planted or delivered. 

Marijuana | Sago Palm | Tulip/Narcissus bulbs | Azalea/Rhododendron
Oleander |Castor Bean | Cyclamen | Kalancho

Yew | Amaryllis | Autumn Crocus | Chrysanthemum

English Ivy | Pothos |Schefflera

Safer Plants and Flowers: 

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Roses remain one of the most popular flowers to plant or send. They are generally considered safe for cats and dogs, but watch out for the thorns as these can still cause damage to a curious pet.

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Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, and other Orchid species are other generally safe choices for pet households. But if you have a hungry cat or curious puppy and you don’t want your beautiful potted orchid destroyed, consider dusting the leaves with cinnamon or cayenne pepper. You could also use a green apple spray which is safe but which most dogs detest, and which is available at most pet stores.

Violets are another safe choice for pets in the garden. 

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Gerberas are cheerful and hearty. Another reason to love them? They are also a safe choice for pet households. Sunflower, or helianthus, is a genus of plants with approximately 70 species. All of them are safe for not only animals but humans. Some people use sunflowers medicinally, such as to treat coughs, and of course sunflower seeds make a tasty and nutritious snack, so these flowers are an excellent choice for pet households too. 

These are only a few suggestions and it's important to be sure someone's beloved pet is safe at all times. There are plenty of excellent choices for sending beautiful flowers! For the  complete article with more tips and details Click Here.

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