Send a Spa Basket to a Loved One's Door (or just treat yourself)
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Send a Spa Basket to a Loved One's Door (or just treat yourself)

Let's face it -- for everything that's great about the holiday season, they can be a stressful time. Fortunately, Bloomex has you covered.  

Our main site offers 5 spa baskets, priced to sell, with a variety of different products tailored to the needs of different people. From babies, to significant others, to moms and dads, thereâ??s a spa basket for you.

Letâ??s take a quick look at some of the options:


Want to pamper your child, niece or nephew? Allow us to suggest this basket. Itâ??s perfect for anyone from a newborn to a 5 year old. The basket contains two types of Baby Oil gel, Bath Foam, Lotion, Baby Oil, a Foaming Wash, and Band-Aids branded with the popular SpongeBob SquarePants.

blog imageMENâ??S SPA BASKET


Maybe your man is loathe to admit it, but he likes to be pampered too. This kit is ideal and should save him some money for a while on grooming supplies. It features AXE Body Spray, a hand sanitizer gel, lotion, a facial cleanser, some vaporizing chest rub and 3 bars of Ivory Soap.

blog image

This is the first of three gorgeous, amazing baskets that are priced at 50% off for amazing value for the holiday season. The Deluxe Spa Basket features lotion, two types of body wash, two types of bath foam (Tropical and Tangerine) and a scented candle for an indulgent experience.


Features a variety of 8 essential luxurious items, again, priced at half-off for the holidays. This basket includes lotion, two different types of body wash, body lotion, hand wash and bath foam.



An incredible value for the special lady in your life, or perfect to treat yourself to. Features an array of 12 products, including lotion, body washes, bath foams, body loation, Aloe body cream, Anti-Wrinkle cream, hand wash, and to top it off, a wonderful strawberry-scented candle. Pure luxury.

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