The 20 Best Ways to Use Flowers
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The 20 Best Ways to Use Flowers

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When you think about it, flowers are extremely versatile. We often think of them only as things that are pretty to look at and maybe have a nice smell to them. Which is true, of course. But looking beyond that, there are so many different uses for flowers beyond the obvious.

We'll include a few of the basics, which are impossible to overlook. But hopefully, you'll find some inspiration here in some of the more outside-the-box and creative ways that people have used flowers for.

So with that being said, here are the 20 Best Ways to Use Flowers... in no particular order.

1. As a way to say thank you.

2. ... Or as a way to say sorry.

3. As a symbol of remembrance and tribute.

4. Eat them. Yes, seriously! But only certain types, of course.

5. ... Or, if that's a bit too out-there for you, use them to make a beautiful non-edible cake!

6. Dry them and preserve them for a beautiful, lasting look. There are several excellent guides out there on the Internet.

7. Use them to beautify derelict public spaces (but get permission first.)

8. As decoration to liven up a dull space. Obvious, maybe, but hey, it does the trick every time.

9. As part of wedding festivities -- for bridal bouquets, bridesmaides, etc.

10. .Write a song or poem and use flowers as a literal subject, or as a metaphor for some other meaning.

11. Let someone know that you care about them (cue 'Saved By the Bell' 'oooooooh!' effect.)

12. Send them to someone special and let them know you're thinking of them.

13. Use them as the focal point of crafts or activities for your kids. 

14. Alternatively, use flowers as an adult alternative to some kids-focused holidays which you've possibly outgrown.

15. Use them as centrepieces at a wedding, banquet, or other event.

16. Offer them as a symbol of peace or goodwill.

17. For the hippy-dippy amongs you, make a DIY flower crown.

18. Use them to keep certain animals away in more rural areas.

19. Display them as a symbol of your civic pride. 

20. Use flowers as a relaxant or aroma-therapeutic treat.

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