The Power of Flowers; Who Inspires You?
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Power of Flowers; Who Inspires You?

In November, as part of our "Power of Flowers" giveaway series, we asked our customers to name a person in their lives who inspires them and to explain why. Since last month we were overwhelmed with sentimental stories we knew our customers would have great stories to share-- and we were not disappointed! The responses we received were heartwarming. 

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We are excited to share these inspirational stories and are so glad that our followers have so many amazing people in their lives. While we would love nothing more then to send each and every one of our participants a bouquet to surprised their inspiration with, we would like to share a few of people's stories who weren't chosen. 

Some of the participant's posts were short and sweet, like Danielle; shouting out to Judy who always goes above and beyond for her friend. Or Sarah's selflessness that has made Jenna nominate her for always thinking of others. 

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
While Taylor's Mother, Jackie, is inspired by the dedication and determination of her daughter, it's her zest for life that has made her the best friend and daughter for Jackie. 

There was one story that stood out to us during this giveaway. Jennifer Anne-Louise Peters was the person who most inspired us. Jennifer was able to arrange this surprise so easily because she moved back in to care for her Grandmother after she fell and broke her hip a few years ago.

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Jennifer nominated her Grandmother, who was there for her during the highs and lows in her life. When Jennifer was young her parents were unable to care for her and her Grandmother took her in and raised her to be the amazing woman she is today. Take a look at the video of the flowers that we arranged with Jennifer to surprise her Grandmother:

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Power of Flowers Surprise

Thank you for sharing your stories with us; we truly feel inspired by the inspiration in your lives. 

Stay tuned for our Power of Flowers part 3!

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