Valentine's Day Contest - Great Entry #10
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Contest - Great Entry #10

Bloomex is currently running a contest, open to residents of Canada, the United States, and Australia, to let us know why they, or a loved one/friend, deserve a bouquet of free roses this Valentine's Day.

My 93 year old mother who has lived a long but difficult and frugal life deserves to be honoured with roses on valentines day.  She survived the 2nd world war as well as the loss of a daughter and husband to cancer.   She is in a retirement home now but because of her frailness and the icy conditions, she has not been out.  I am her main care giver but have been ill myself with pneumonia so she has been shut in since before Christmas.  I would like to remind her that she is very much loved and has people that need and appreciate her.

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