Valentine's Day Contest - Great Entry #7
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Contest - Great Entry #7

Bloomex is currently running a contest, open to residents of Canada, the United States, and Australia, to let us know why they, or a loved one/friend, deserve a bouquet of free roses this Valentine's Day. 
My partner has been battling a stage four brain tumor, glioblastoma mulitforme. that was finally diagnosed and mostly removed last July. (Prior it was a year of seizures, hospitalizations, accidents, and cognitive decline with no diagnosis). Even after much of the mass removed, the prognosis was very poor. After the surgery he's been getting chemo and radiation, healthy food, exercise when he can, and lots of love and prayers from friends and family.
We just found out his tumor has decreased significantly! It felt like we won the lottery! He better, has a cheerful, helpful attitude and is almost entirely independent.
Please help me congratulate him and show him some love.

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