Valentine's Day Contest - Great Entry #8
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Contest - Great Entry #8

Bloomex is currently running a contest, open to residents of Canada, the United States, and Australia, to let us know why they, or a loved one/friend, deserve a bouquet of free roses this Valentine's Day.

I'd like to nominate my mom for a free dozen roses. My mom is a single mom who is working very hard to raise my two sisters and myself on her own. My dad passed away and mom has been our rock since. She's a great mom. She works hard and gives her all to us. She doesn't ever do anything for herself because when she has extra money, she uses it on whatever my sisters or I need. I know it's hard for her and I know she'd love a surprise gift of roses. They are her favorite flower. She still has petals from the last roses my dad gave her which was the last time she was given flowers. I'd like it if she is chosen so she can know and feel as loved and appreciated as she is by us kids. This would be a small token of our appreciation but, would mean the world to her. Thank you for the opportunity to honor my mother. I appreciate the opportunity and consideration.

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