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18" Mylar Helium Balloon

18" Mylar Helium Balloon

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SKU: RP-03
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A colourful and long lasting helium filled Mylar balloon is a thoughtful addition to any Birthday, Anniversary or other Special Ocassion gift.

Includes one (1) x 18" long lasting helium filled Mylar Balloon 

Deluxe = two (2) x 18" themed helium balloons

SUPERSIZE = three (3) x 18" themed helium balloons

*PLEASE NOTE - Balloon theme will match Ocassion as selected at checkout.


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Deluxe +$7.00
Supersize +$12.00
X SUPERSIZE Bouquets are significantly more impressive and contain more blooms than the Deluxe Bouquet.
step 2Add an "Extra Touch"
XSay "I Love you" with this 9" Mylar Balloon
XEnhance your Gift with a Mini Balloon
XRed Wine & decadent Belgium Truffles
XWhite Wine & decadent Belgium Truffles
XColourful and long lasting 9" Mylar balloon
XPersonalized Card & Hugger!
X8" tall in sitting position
Teddy Bear $9.99
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